44+ Gorgeous Crochet Cardigan Pattern Ideas


This easy beginner cotton cardigan pattern uses a very simple construction to create a dramatic look with entry-level skills. Get Part 1 of the free template and the video tutorial below, which includes larger formats, or buy the full ad-free and printable PDF file with a $ 2.99 plan here. Find Part 2 here.

Thanks to the leading fronts and back of this easy-knit crochet sweater for beginners working in one piece and crochet sleeves in part 1, you’ll eliminate many seams that you’ll find in a crocheted sweater or knitting. In the second part, you’ll focus your energy on specific accent details, such as a turtleneck and comfortable pockets that will enhance the look of your handmade cardigan. Read on for more details on the pattern or scroll down to the first part of the video tutorial and the free crochet cardigan pattern for beginners.

For a long time, I thought that learning to knit a sweater should be a process of counting, increasing and diminishing the spirit, to put an end to something that would be neglected in a secondhand store. . Guys, I was so wrong.

Knitting a sweater is like following a recipe. The employer tells you every step of the way and your job is to perform these steps in order. Well, the Up North cardigan is a very simple recipe.


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